SPRING/SUMMERTIME!! The City of Bruce wants to remind citizens of some of the Ordinance’s that the Council will be enforcing. Council will also be working on updating the Ordinances – Procedures—Fines. Those that are in violation of City Ordinances will be addressed. 

            Public Nuisances- Abandoned Property- accumulating or allowing to accumulate deteriorated, wrecked, or derelict property in unusable condition, having no value other than nominal scrap or junk value. Shall include but not limited to deteriorated, wrecked, inoperative or partially dismantled motor vehicles, trailers, boats, machinery, refrigerators, washing machines, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and any other similar articles in such condition.

                With the threat of West Nile, it is important to keep your lawns, including vacant lots mowed, as the city will do its part by spraying for mosquitos. The city will be spraying once a week to start and may make it twice a week if necessary. Permitting weeds and grasses to grow to maturity of 8 inches will be declared a public nuisance, and subject to a fine. Keep yards free of debris that could hold water that may be a breeding place for mosquitos.

                Dogs Running at Large Prohibited- No owner of any animal shall permit such animal to run at large in the City. No animal shall be off the premises of its owner unless restrained upon a leash or accompanied by its owner or a member of the owner’s immediate family. Remember, people like to be out and about in the summer, please keep your dogs contained.

                All dogs shall be licensed, and owners shall show proof of rabies vaccination before a license is given. Licenses are due yearly and should be purchased by January 31st of each year.

                Building Permits Required- “Amended Highlights” a building permit shall be obtained from the City of Bruce prior to any of the following purposes:

  1. Occupancy and use of a building hereafter constructed, enlarged, relocated, reconstructed, or altered with a value above $500.00.
  2. Any building to be moved onto or taken off any City lot.
  3. Any fence being installed.
  4. Any concrete work with a value above $500.00.
  5. New Fees are: $0.00-$500.00 --$0.00; $500.00-$1,000.00-- $10.00; $1,001.00 or greater--$10.00 plus an additional $1.00 per $1,000.00.  

Section 14. Fences.9. Property owners are allowed to place a fence on the property line but must obtain written permission from their neighbors. Otherwise, they can place a fence a minimum of 2’ (feet) off the property line without receiving permission. Fences shall be well maintained on both sides, including the lawn care by the fence owner. 9/13/2022


There are citizen complaint forms at the City Office should you want to bring an issue to the Councils attention. They ask that you do sign the complaint for any action to be taken.

  The Fire Dept. would like to inform you that they will blow the siren constantly if there is a threat of severe weather and you need to seek shelter. The Bruce Community Club has designated the basement at their building (former Methodist Church) as the “Weather Shelter” for Bruce. If there is threatening weather and you have nowhere to seek shelter, PLEASE come to the BCC, they will be equipped for emergencies. They will stop the siren when the NWS gives all clear.


Code Enforcement was active last year and will be again this year.  


The City of Bruce is continuing its work for the best interests of all the people and businesses in our community. The City has once again hired an independent contractor to make inspections in our community to identify violations of the ordinances as they relate to property maintenance.  These violations may include illegal vehicles, unlicensed and inoperable, being stored in the open areas of properties; rubbish, garbage and waste lying in yard areas; vacant and dilapidated buildings; buildings that require repairs such as windows, missing paint, or shingles; Vegetation overgrowth; issues that involve the safety and well-being of our citizens. These efforts are meant to protect the health and safety of all families and businesses in our community. They are also meant to protect property values and to encourage new families and businesses to choose Bruce as their place to call home.




   Just a few things to share-

  • Please follow the Cities leash law. Summertime there are many out for walks, kids playing, biking, walking their dog on a leash, etc. People should be able to walk on the streets/sidewalks without fearing of an unleashed dog.  
  • If you have undrivable, unlicensed vehicles please make arrangements to have them removed. Remove items of no value, this includes items on vacant lots, think of your neighbor.