BILLS-July 2019    GENERAL-- Microsoft Office, annual membership (pd 6/24/19) $74.54; Mediacom, June billing $ 146.79; Otter Tail-[$1,450.45  total] street lights $677.48,     museum $15.96, tractor shed $19.22,  ball park $17.87, Fire Dept $73.51, City Office $ 64.47, lift station $333.97, Camp site  $247.97,   -   Sioux Valley Energy, street lights             83.30; Brookings Deuel RWS, July reading-Office $18.00, $18.00,-camp site $27.90; M&M Service, June billing-- gas   $ 601.27; RFD Newspapers, May Minutes / annual report $357.06; Lowes, 2 bags potting soil/drill bit/connector/shop vac $ 109.78; Office Peeps, black toner/cork board/door sign/towels for ball park $138.64; Running's, weed eater, lawn sweeper,  fertilizer, tape,batteries, misc. $ 916.67; TrueNorth Steel, 2 culverts  $ 813.40; Sterzinger Crushing, In., 4 lds. gravel + hauling fees $1,041.87; Duane Walburg, June AC mileage  178 @ .50 $ 89.00--SEWER--Richland State Bank, rate increase to savings $1,000.00; SD One Call, May locates (6) $20.16--GARBAGE--Cook's Wastepaper-June Service (75 reg; 20 senior)   $1,125.05--PAYROLL--Duane Walburg, June animal control wages   $161.62; Richard Stokes, June wages   $2,124.01; Rinda Ribstein, June wages  $1,752.04; Zack Stokes, June wages $ 73.88; Dustin Hawley, 2nd quarter wages $277.05; Jeff Anderson, 2nd quarter wages $138.52; Jon Moir, 2nd quarter wages $277.05; Kasi Emmett, 2nd quarter wages $ 277.05; Marilyn Edler, 2nd quarter wages $277.05; Mick Cook, 2nd quarter wages $ 277.05; Stuart Lewis, 2nd quarter wages $ 230.87--PAYROLL LIABILITIES/TAXES--SDRS-(City share $290.04)   $ 580.08; Federal Tax Deposit  [($1367.28 ) total]       social security $866.64,  medicare tax $202.64, withholding $298.00; SD Dept. of Revenue, May/June sales tax $292.51; SD Unemployment Ins, 2nd quarter contributions $ 10.12--BANK LOAN-- (monthly total $1,101.29)Principal $ 1,040.88, Interest $ 60.41. 




JULY 10, 2019

6:00 p.m.


Mayor Lewis called the Bruce City Council to order on July 10, 2019 at 6:05 p.m. in the City Office with council members Cook, Edler, Emmett, Hawley, Moir, Finance Officer Ribstein, City Maintenance Richard Stokes present. Also attending the meeting were Rick Eggebrecht and Mike Zuiderhof.


Motion by Moir and seconded by Cook to approve the agenda as posted. All present voted in favor of motion. Motion carried.


Motion by Cook and seconded by Edler to approve the minutes of the June 11th meeting as written. All present voted in favor of motion. Motion carried.


Motion by Moir and seconded by Cook to approve and pay the following claims presented by the Finance Officer. All present voted in favor of motion. Motion carried.


Insert Bills


Rick Eggebrecht met with the council on behalf of The Ridge to discuss the possibility of installing a gas pump on the Ridge lot. No action was taken.


Mike Zuiderhof met with the council requesting the alley behind his residence be opened to thru traffic, currently it is being blocked and no one can go thru. No action was taken.


With the wet year we are having, those attending Honey Days are asked to respect resident’s property by not driving/parking on them. The City will be roping off what they can. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated.


With no further business, motion by Hawley and seconded by Moir that the meeting be adjourned at 7:30. All present voted in favor of motion. Motion carried.


The next scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the City Office.


Dated this 10th day of July 2019 in Bruce, South Dakota.


Rinda Ribstein, Finance Officer

City of Bruce [unapproved minutes]