Nestled in a beautiful valley                                                                                         The Lakes were ideal for picnicking

The shimmering waters of the Big Sioux to the West.                                                      So close everyone could enjoy.

From the big hill in an easterly direction                                                                       The water was then unpolluted

This hamlet could be viewed the best.                                                                          And the wildlife was real--not decoy.


The town had an early beginning                                                                                 Teddy Roosevelt once came through Bruce

When the Oakwood settlement faded away.                                                                  Some political support to seek.

The secret of growth and survival                                                                                He stood on the rear platform of his coach

Was when the railroad came their way.                                                                        Where he began to speak.


It seems the town's first name was Thoms                                                                    There was also the Bruce band

Then for all practical purposes and use,                                                                      Which performed on Wednesday night.

A new postmaster was appointed                                                                                Made up of local talent

And the town's name was changed to Bruce.                                                                They played for all their might.


There were five flourishing grocery stores                                                                  I probably could go on and on

Three elevators and a drugstore, too.                                                                        About those sturdy pioneers.

A medical doctor and a veterinarian                                                                           Who planted the roots of the town of Bruce

With plenty of work to do.                                                                                        Which has stood the test for years.


                                                                                                                             These verses were taken from "1883-1983" written by Vernon Larkin.